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Curaçao Fintech

Crypto Currencies, Smart Contracts, ICO’s… The possibilities of FinTech seem endless. In close cooperation with Holland FinTech, and as part of their network, CITI, MEO and IBA are launching the Curacao FinTech platform. “Who are the FinTech players in Curaçao?”,  “How can the development of the FinTech industry be facilitated by the government?”, are the…

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21st Century Skills: Training for everyone

Learn. Grow. Succeed. The 21st Century Skills Training Program offers you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. If you are a student,  teacher, parent or already retired: NOW is the time to learn new skills. If you are employed, unemployed, or have your own company: THIS is your chance to upgrade your knowledge…

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Round 2 started

CITI, MEO and EU offer support for start ups and businesses with a smart idea 15 entrepreneurs  were selected to participate in the first round of the Startup Launchpad. On December 1, 2017 during the 1st Pitch contest, 5 were selected to participate in the 2nd round. During this second round we will also be…

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Virtual Incubator Program

CITI and MEO continue e-Commerce support For entrepreneurs that want to introduce e-commerce into their business, but do not know where to start, CITI developed this online Do-it-Yourself Track. In this virtual e-commerce incubator, CITI, together with industry, business and e-commerce experts, offers guidance for entrepreneurs towards e-commerce success. For more information: visit check-out the brochure…

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Curacao Innovation Award

Change, improvement and renewal are vital aspects for successful and sustainable entrepreneurship and the community. From this perspective, CITI and MEO annually grant the the Curaçao Innovation Award to the innovation with the biggest added value to the economy and/or society. On November 9th 2017, CITI held the 19th edition of Curacao Innovation Award. The…

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Connecting the Dots Partnership

Connecting the dots is a collaborative platform consisting of the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO), the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands in Willemstad (VNW), Startup Curaçao, Curaçao Innovation &Technology Institute (CITI), Curaçao Investment & Export Promotion Agency (CINEX), National Platform Youth Development and the University of Curaçao. ACCESS TO FINANCE Did you enjoy the Access to Finance Seminar and would…

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Connecting the Dots Conference

  Connecting the Dots invites all (aspiring) entrepreneurs on Curaçao (and surrounding countries!) to participate in the 2017 Business Conference that takes place on June 8 & 9, with a special opening night at June 7. Get your tickets and find more information here. Connecting the Dots is a collaborative platform to stimulate and support innovative…

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Curaçao joins “DevCa”

DevCa is the Caribbean’s leading platform for exploring the intersection of digital technologies, today’s biggest challenges and the future of the region. Once a year, DevCa partners throughout the Caribbean organize simultaneous Hackathon events. Together with Suares & Co, CITI is looking into joining DevCa’s activities in 2017. In preparation for this, CITI will be organizing…

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Do you need support innovating your business?

  Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to grow your business? CITI designed training and support programs that can help you. For example, through the e-commerce program, CITI helps you to get started with e-commerce. Every year, CITI and her partners award the “Curaçao Innovation Award“. A tradition that was started almost two decades…

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