CITI, MEO and EU offer support for start ups and businesses with a smart idea

Starting the 21st of September, 2017, entrepreneurs can apply for the ‘Start up Launchpad’. Through the course of the program, the final winner of the last round will have accumulated up to over ANG. 50.000 in support, technology and knowledge vouchers.

The Start up Launchpad is designed for early stage entrepreneurs or existing businesses that have an innovative or smart business idea, for example in one of the following area’s:

– Education
– Retail
– Health
– Mobility
– Home
– Open Data
– Internet of Things
– Technology

If you are not sure if your idea fits into one of these categories, please contact us, and we can help you identify the possibilities.

For more information on the program please read the information flyer.

Win all the contest rounds and you can receive up to ANG. 50.000 in Knowledge, Technology and Support Vouchers to invest in your company.

Interested? Make sure to check out the conditions and complete the registration form below before October 26, 2017.

CITI Launchpad (13)

Minister Martina opens registration for ‘Start up Launchpad’

Through this program, start ups will receive support and will be able to invest in their companies through ‘knowledge’, ‘technology’ and ‘support’ vouchers. The program consists of 4 rounds of intensive coaching and support. Each round will be concluded with a ‘pitch competition’, determining who will continue to the next round.

The deadline for application is October 26, 2017 after which CITI and members of the jury will select the participants. The participants will be announced on November 2, 2017 at the Kick-off event of Round 1. This first round will have a duration of one month.

The program is financed by the EU through the innovation program of OCTA (The Association of Overseas Countries and Territories) and by the Ministry of Economic Development.



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