Kickstart Curaçao Innovathon

The Ideation Hackathon we call ‘Innovathon’ took place on April 3, 4 and 5, 2023.

The Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute organized this ‘hybrid’ edition together with the Ministry of Economic Development. Where the 2018 edition was completely face-to-face and the 2020 edition completely virtual, this edition was a combination of both.

2023 Topic is E-Commerce Solutions or business ideas

The 3rd edition of the Kickstart Curaçao Innovathon focused on the opportunities and challenges in the field of E-Commerce. Participants are challenged to find concrete solutions to:

– Make e-commerce easier;

– Realize online business;

– Identify alternative online business models that work for local businesses.

Participation was open to anyone who wants to think along about solutions for the challenges Curaçao faces in the field of E-Commerce and/or has an innovative E-Commerce business idea.

Interested in additional information, or want to find out when the next edition will be? Please contact us at or via whatsapp: +59997386299