Round 2 started

CITI, MEO and EU offer support for start ups and businesses with a smart idea

15 entrepreneurs  were selected to participate in the first round of the Startup Launchpad. On December 1, 2017 during the 1st Pitch contest, 5 were selected to participate in the 2nd round.

During this second round we will also be introducing ‘Open Sessions” for which other starting entrepreneurs will also be invited.

For more information contact CITI: or 7386299.

Participants of the 1st Pitch Contest @ Landhuis Bloemhof

CITI Launchpad (13)

Minister Martina opens registration for ‘Start up Launchpad’

Through this program, start ups will receive support and will be able to invest in their companies through ‘knowledge’, ‘technology’ and ‘support’ vouchers. The program consists of 4 rounds of intensive coaching and support. Each round will be concluded with a ‘pitch competition’, determining who will continue to the next round.

The program is financed by the EU through the innovation program of OCTA (The Association of Overseas Countries and Territories) and by the Ministry of Economic Development.


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