2022 Curacao Innovation Award – Terms and Conditions


  1. All companies (including sole proprietorships) can participate with a product innovation, innovation process or innovative service (including business transformation) that is already in use but has not previously participated in the Curaçao Innovation Award.
  2. Your product or service was introduced to the local market at least 1 year ago.
  3. Due to the Covid situation, an exception has been made to rule number 2. Your innovation was launched between March 19, 2020 and now.
  4. It is recommended that the applicant or nominated company (with a product, process or service innovation) is registered with the Chamber of Commerce.
  5. The Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI) considers the company or person who registered the innovation as the owner of the product or service.
  6. We will withdraw entrants from the competition if there is a dispute over the ownership of intellectual property rights – or if fraudulent public voting occurs.
  7. The innovation must have (potentially) positive results for the company and/or the local economy.
  8. Registration is free. Travel and other expenses are not reimbursed.
  9. The Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute accepts no liability for risks in the award process.
  10. You can register until December 18, 2022.
  11. Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI) has the right to change or extend the registration period.
  12. Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI) reserves the right to refuse participation at the time of registration or during the evaluation process.
  13. The nominees will be announced to the public on December 19, 2022.
  14. The winners will be announced during the awards ceremony.
  15. The result of the event is final and irrevocable.

Award Process

  1. Entrants can register by completing the registration form at https://citi.cw/innovation-award-2022/
  2. When submitting the application form, the participant agrees to all publicity surrounding the innovation.
  3. All registered innovations are assessed by an independent jury consisting of professionals from industry, government and education.
  4. Each organization/judge fills out the scorecard for their specific categories.
  5. In December, the jury members nominate the finalists to the Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI).
  6. All participants are required to present their pitch to the jury for final selection. This position is mandatory.
  7. The jury of the final round assesses the pitches and selects the winner per category.
  8. When registering, the participant agrees to the participation regulations.

Privacy Statement

Your submitted data will be used during the Jury process of the Curaçao Innovation Award 2022. The collected data will be treated confidentially and will be used for the Curaçao Innovation Award and possible follow-ups regarding the progress of the innovation (registration/research) and update of customer database by Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI). The data you submitted via the form will be shared with the 2022 judges to review your innovation. Your organization’s information such as name, address, telephone and email is added to a database for future contact. This database is only accessible to the Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI) and the Ministry of Economic Development.