Creativity and Innovation Week 2024

CITI, MEO & FUSE Present: Creativity & Innovation Week April 21-26, 2024 The Creativity and Innovation Week will feature local entrepreneurs and innovators that use creativity and innovation to drive positive change. Celebrate World Creativity & Innovation...

Web Report

Have you ever been trying to use a website or app and run into a snag because of your location? Maybe Curaçao wasn't on the country list, your Curaçao credit card wasn't accepted, or something else just wouldn't work quite right. We hear you! To help us fix these...

Curaçao Innovation Award 2023

2023 was even more special than usual: we celebrated the 25th edition of the Curaçao Innovation Award! As always, the goal is to reward the courageous entrepreneurs and innovators who continue to work for their company and for Curaçao despite every circumstance....

Kickstart Curaçao Innovathon

The Ideation Hackathon we call 'Innovathon' took place on April 3, 4 and 5, 2023. The Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute organized this 'hybrid' edition together with the Ministry of Economic Development. Where the 2018 edition was completely face-to-face...

Join the Innovation Community!

Launch platform. The Crowdsupport Platform was launched on March 9, 2023 and after the first year of use, we are now updating the platform. For more information or to check out the platform, visit  

What we do

CITI is the place where innovative ideas are transformed into sustainable solutions. How? Take a look!

“We truly believe in the innovation capacity of Curaçao. Through creativity, hard work, co-operation and with the smart use of technology we will build a thriving, resilient, inclusive and sustainable economy.”

Who we are

CITI is the spark in Curaçao’s innovation engine, a center of excellence, inspiring and stimulating innovation and the use of new technology. Founded by the Ministry of Economic Development of Curaçao, CITI promotes opportunities for Curaçao to become more creative, more competitive, more sustainable and more self dependent.


Meet our team!

Monique Raphaëla

Analies Hooi

Suhailly Hooi

Sherline Bakmeijer

Nury Fontilus

Mirella Hooi

Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI) is a brand name for the “Stichting Secretariaat Curaçao Informatica Stimuleringsplan”, also operating under the trade name “Stimul-IT”. We are registered at the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce under nr. 110512.

The president of the board of our non-profit foundation is Ruthselle Felida. The treasurer is Henri Gerrits.


Get in touch with us

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Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute

Riffort Village 503 & 504, Willemstad, Curaçao.

Telephone/Whatsapp: +599.9.738.6299

We are open Monday's through Friday's from 08:00 to 17:00 (Atlantic Standard Time)