Curaçao Innovation Award 2022



Over the years, 23 awards have been presented. The goal is and always will be to reward the courageous entrepreneurs who continue to work for their company and for Curaçao despite any situation. And that is why CITI is committed for the 24th time to present the Curaçao Innovation Award in 2022 to companies that have been innovative.

Due to the pandemic and the associated measures, the concept has been slightly modified in recent years. Also this year the event is not open to the public and it is the period of introduction of the innovation is from March 2019 to the present. Despite these adjustments, the emphasis remains on rewarding and highlighting the innovations and entrepreneurs who have earned this.

By innovation we mean the application of a new idea, product, service or process for which there is a demand in the market. But also adjustments to an existing product, service or process. Who is eligible to participate in the Curacao Innovation Award? All entrepreneurs, professionals, freelancers, small – medium and large companies, foundations or associations.

For 2022 you can participate in 5 categories:

Business Innovation Award;

Junior Innovation Award;

Circular Innovation Award;

Digital Transformation Innovation Award;

Curaçao Innovation Award.


Business Innovation Award;

The focus of this category is how innovation helps drive profit. It also focuses on how competitive it is and how it works best to deliver better results. We analyze whether the innovation can be applied in more companies, etc. And finally we analyze how well the innovation is executed.

Junior Innovation Award;

This category was created especially for entrepreneurs under the age of 21 who introduced a new product, service, process or movement to the market or adapted an existing one.

Circular Innovation Award;

This category seeks answers if the innovation is inclusive, regenerative and distributive. Inclusive: The innovation takes nature and the human being into account. If it promotes collaboration. Regenerative: The use of innovation is beneficial for the planet and the people who inhabit the earth. Instead of producing, consuming and throwing away left over of raw material. Distributive: your innovation redistributes well-being and solves a problem or social need in Curacao.

Digital Transformation Innovation Award;

Its innovation integrates digital technology into every area of ​​operation, fundamentally transforming the way it adds customer value. Its innovation is to break custom/tradition making use of technology.

Curacao Innovation Award

This main category seeks the balance between different points of the subcategories. The main focus is the impact of innovation on the development of our economy.



Do you want to participate in the 2022 Curacao Innovation Award? Click HERE and fill in the registration form. Registration is possible until Friday 16 December 2022. The Curacao Innovation Award Ceremony is on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. Read our Terms and Conditions HERE

If you have more questions or need help completing the form, please contact us via email or WhatsApp 7386299.

About the Innovation Award

The Curaçao Innovation & Technology Institute (CITI) annually grants the Curaçao Innovation Award. This award is presented to businesses and organizations with the best recent innovation.

The Curaçao Innovation Award started in 1996 by InnovatieCentrum Curacao (ICC). Nowadays the prize is organized by CITI, organization that emerged in 2014 from the organizations ICC and Stimul-IT.